Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Happy Fall

We put out some of our fall decorations this morning.  The sky is dark and cloudy (actual clouds, not just smoke!)   I'm on my third cup of coffee this morning trying to map out our next term of school (more on that another day, but we're fighting burnout over here) and we needed a bit of a break to get our home (and everything else) back in order.  So the kids have cleaned their rooms, the front stoop and walk have been swept, the back yard has been cleaned up...overall a pretty good morning.

Our scarecrow family.

Why yes, that is last year's candle.  It has been blessed though, so that's a win!

We call him Sully.  He's my kitchen window buddy.

Even our prayer table has a bit of fall color added to it.  I need to have the children pick some flowers for Blessed Mother!

I went out back to check on things (my excuse for getting fresh air!) and I was surprised by a few drops of rain.  It has been so dry this year, that this little bit feels like a downpour.  We'll take whatever blessings we can get!

Our chicks have grown into chickens.  Now if we can just get some eggs from these girls, I'll be a happy woman.

Mrs. Muggins and Mrs. Potts...curious little chicks.

Our garden is really doing well.  At the bottom of the picture you can see our watermelon has sort of taken over that part of the garden.  No fruit yet though.  The lettuce is keeping my table well supplied with greens, the basil is tall and fragrant.  And that pumpkin!  Seriously, it's gone crazy!

Look closely and you may spy a pumpkin growing (it currently looks more like a zucchini).  Only one so far...

This little corner of the world is a haven for us right now in the ever growing darkness.  When we look back on these troubling times, I hope we remember more of our family banding together and praying together, and searching out our little community, and less of the troubles and anxiety that threaten to take over the peace.  And I pray that we are made stronger because of it all; stronger in our faith, in our convictions, as a family.

by Fanny Crosby

'Tis whispered in the ear of God,
'Tis murmured through our tears;
'Tis linked with happy childhood days,
And blessed in riper years.

That hallowed word is ne'er forgot,
No matter where we roam,
The purest feelings of the heart,
Still cluster round our home.

Dear resting-place, where weary thought,
May dream away its care,
Love's gentle star unveils her light,
And shines in beauty there.


mom said...

I do see a little pumpkin in there, sending lots of hugs and love your way.

Erin said...

Eek... we did mourning time on a walk... it was happy!

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