Sunday, February 9, 2020

Friday Introduction: How We Met

I first posted this on Instagram, but thought I'd cross post it here for the record book.

It was 2003.  I was beginning my 4th year of junior college.  I had just switched my major (again) to engineering.  I was sitting in the front row in physics class with my nerdy little glasses and my "don't mess with me face" (as my hubby calls it).  I had colored pens and planned to color coordinate my notes.  I was one of two girls in the class.  He walked in and didn't want to be "that guy" so he sat one seat away instead of right next to me.  His friends were willing to be "those guys" and sat on either side of me.  I ignored them all.  (Except from the corner of my eye.)  

Our teacher, Dr. Ben, had various things for us to try to explain different aspects of physics, including pushing his little car through the parking lot and using a hose to show projectiles.  I hung back, too unsure of myself to participate and really good at making myself disappear, so I thought.  But I kept the corner of my eye on "the cute, cocky guy".  He was way out of my league for sure.

We became friends, mostly from studying for our ridiculously hard classes together (Statics and Dynamics anyone?!)  He was competitive, and I was very good at taking tests and doing the math and balance of forces, and I beat him in every test, both in time and score.  Not that I really understood why I was doing any of it.

I had been beating around the bush that I liked him, but I was too shy to admit it, and like I said, he was way too good for me.  One evening, I was waiting for some girlfriends to have a late dinner with.  He knew I was going to be there, so he came before they did.  He asked me straight forward if I liked him.  I said I did and probably turned as red as a tomato.  We decided to date.

He was coming back to his faith and I was curious about it.  He knew what he wanted out of life.  He was strong and cute, and I knew I could be safe with him.  I was head over heels from the beginning. He says he knew I wasn't manipulative and he could trust me with his heart.

1 year later we were engaged, 9 months later we were married.  And now, almost 15 years and 6 kids later we couldn't be happier.

Tune in next week for A Dating Story.


Luke Hollmann said...

His friends were willing to be that guy, eh? Anyone I know? ��

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