Wednesday, October 2, 2019

This Year's Staycation - {God's Timing is Perfect}

In August, we took a week off from school and work to have a much needed staycation.  We had decided traveling was just too much with a newborn right now, but we did need time off.  God definitely had a part in this decision.  You see, the very first day of our staycation (Thursday) Ladybug spent in the Emergency Room.  She was scheduled for surgery the following Thursday.  Thankfully everything went well and she is healing well. God's timing is perfect.  He is so so good. And took such good care of my girl. 

So our staycation plans changed a bit, but we were still able to have quite a bit of fun.

Sunflower practiced her embroidery and sewing skills when she made this little Pope St. John Paul II doll for Bear for Christmas (we start our making early around here!).

 We spent lots of time just loving on each other.
 Dan and I took turns taking kids out for some one on one time.

Fritter and I chose to go to the Lego Discovery Center.

St. Mary's Basilica

 Froggy and I went to the Dinosaur Museum.

Dan and Ladybug went to the Butterfly Wonderland.  Hopefully I can get other pictures from this off of Dan's phone and update them here.

 Dan and Sunflower chose ice skating. Again, I need to get other pictures.  (Can I just say... ice skating in the Arizona desert in the summer is the best!)
The highlight of our staycation was renting a boat for the day and having the lake all to ourselves.  Exactly what we needed.  And desert lakes are sort of magical.

 Ladybug recovered well from her surgery and was showered with love from family and friends.  And the most important thing, we were supported by everyone's prayers.

God is good all the time.

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