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38 (and a half) Weeks PLUS 5 Pregnancy Favorites (and a bonus!)

There is so much I don't like about this picture.  So many ways I could criticize myself in it.  But I'm not going to do that.  I've been told several times that I needed to get a picture of me at this point in my pregnancy because someday I'll appreciate it.  So I'm trusting those folks.

But why, Candice, would you put it in a public place if you really don't like it.  Because this blog used to be where I recorded things like this.  Instagram seems to have taken it's place, which is sort of tragic, because as much as I love Instagram, it's really more of a temporary thing, isn't it?  This old blog has been around almost from the beginning of my "Catholic Wife and Mother" journey and is a kind of memoir.  So, I'm rededicating myself to blogging, and what better time then now, when a new baby is about to arrive?

Rather than complain about the various aches and pains this stage of pregnancy brings (who needs to hear more complaining?) I'm going to share my five favorite things at this point in the "baby is not here yet, but will be soon" stage.

~5 Favorites, Late Pregnancy Edition~

Image result for body pillow

There are some fancy ones out there.  Mine is 13 years old(!!) and still going strong.  Get two good cases for it so you can change them out when needed.  Honestly I couldn't sleep without mine.

A Chiropractor

This may seem like an unneeded expense, especially if they don't take insurance (mine doesn't), but seriously it is so worth it.  Almost as soon as I began to show with this pregnancy (and let's face it, this is my sixth full term pregnancy, I was showing immediately) I had horrible the pelvic region.  Walking, even slowly, was unbearable.  Enter my wonderful chiropractor.  I see her every two weeks and she fixes me up and gets me all put back together.  Also, she helps with baby's positioning too, which later helps with labor.  I'm convinced she is why Teddy's labor and birth was so quick and uneventful.  And I am hoping for the same this time around.  Find one who specializes in pregnancy and is versed in the Webster technique.  You will thank yourself.

That's it. Organic Dark Chocolate Date Truffles Fruit Bites 100% Real All-Natural No Artificial Ingredients Healthy Snack Gluten Free Non-GMO Paleo Kosher No Preservatives (2 Pack)

I'm not going to post a picture of actual dates, because I think they look like cockroaches and sort of gross me out.  But!  Dates mixed with cocoa powder, and nuts?  Yum!  Dates make a great little snack, and they apparently have the added benefit of shortening and easing labor. (I'll let you do the google search).  We'll see.  This is my first try with them,'s hoping they make a difference.

Floradix Liquid Iron + Herbs Supplement 17 oz LARGE - All Natural, Vegetarian, Vitamin C, Non Constipating - Supports energy & red blood cell production for Women & Men

During pregnancy (and really even outside of pregnancy) women have a tendency to become anemic.  Sometimes I can feel it, because I get so tired I just can't function.  And oftentimes I feel it by getting "kicky legs" or restless legs.  Enter Floradix Iron Supplement.  I currently take it once a day, in the evening, and as long as I stay on top of it, those nasty symptoms go away.  And it tastes like orange juice.

Image result for made for this catholic birth

Written by Catholic doula Mary Haseltine, this book has been such a source of peace for me this time.  After five labors, all of them different, I know just how hard birthing can be.  And there is a huge part of me that says, "I can't do this.  I'm not cut out for this.  I'm not going through that again!"  But then I look at the sweet face of my baby (from our 36 week ultrasound picture) and I know that to meet this little one that I love so much already, I have to.  Enter Made for This.  This book has really brought home to me, in a way that nothing else has, the Catholic idea of redemptive suffering.  I grew up thinking pain was something that was to be avoided at all costs and fearing it immensely.  But as Catholics, we view things differently.  We understand that through death comes life, through pain comes redemption.  If you were raised Catholic, you were probably told by someone in your life to "offer it up".  And I've said that to my own children, but without really understanding what that means, and not ever really doing it myself.  But I think now I have a better (if not a thorough) understanding of "offering it up".  This book has so much more to offer beyond that little nugget, though. Highly recommend.

I would do anything for this little one.

Bonus Favorite: The OfficeImage result for the office

I can't help it.  I love this show and I'm on my third time watching it from the beginning.  It's been a help at this stage in pregnancy to get my serious minded self off of...myself and just laugh.  Plus, Jim is just cute.  :)

Do you have any favorite pregnancy things you want to share?  Put them in the comments!

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