Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Meet the Masters: Van Gogh & Cassatt

We have been using Track A of Meet the Masters for art the second half of this year and all of us are loving it. We do Part 1&2 of each artist one week, and then Part 3 (the big work) the next week. That has worked out well so far, although I may spread Parts 1&2 out when we study the next artist. So far we have studied Van Gogh and Mary Cassatt.

Van Gogh:
Starry Night by Fritter

Starry Night by Ladybug

Starry Night by Sunflower
Mary Cassatt:
Creating texture and patterns with oil pastels.

Learning how to draw faces.

Fritter took creative license with his. He did not want to draw ladies in fancy hats.

Sherlock Holmes by Fritter

Lady in a fancy hat by Ladybug

Top Hat Lady by Sunflower
Art is becoming a favorite around here.

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Mom said...

Very talented, great project.