Monday, October 30, 2017

Making Changes

This has been a year for growing. And growing is not easy. Actually it can be down right painful. For so long it seems as if I/we have been doing things just because it seemed like we should be. Or because everyone else is. Or because "they" say it's important. Things like sports. Things like this perfect curriculum. Things like this particular plan for a clean house.

We have to figure out what works for our family. What we like and don't like. What is worth spending time and money (and thought!) on. So spending 6 hours a week in the van and at practices and games for one member of the family (and there are 3 currently in sports!) is insanity for a family like ours that doesn't really get into sports. But we've done it this way for so long, because we felt we had to in order to have well rounded kids. But guess what? There are other ways to get excersise.

This is applicable in other ways too. Why do I feel like I have to spend so much time "teaching" something from a particular book that really doesn't give with anyone, in a manner that really doesn't work? And why, when I used the same thing last year and had the same results, did I force us to use it this year in the same way? Because the curriculum guide told me to, that's why. But the moment I set the program aside, to be used at leisure, while I read aloud, it's getting real use.

Of course there are things that simply must be done. Math, Language Arts, Latin. (These are my non-negotiable subjects). These must be done daily. They must be reviewed. And they are a big part of virtue development. There are things that we really want to do. Shakespeare, poetry, art, science, reading, HOUSEWORK. And these things always get pushed to the side because we are too busy getting ready to go somewhere we really don't care to be. It's crazy.

And so, when the chance came, I signed up for Sarah MacKenzie's Read Aloud Revival Membership. The price was a little steep. But I desperately needed inspiration and guidance. And I found plenty. The first thing I did was take the Focus and Align Master class. I looked at all this and more. I came up with my Rule of Six (seven for us).

 I had a plan. I made changes. And when this sports season ends other changes will come. I won't say no more sports, I have a daughter that really enjoys them. But they will be put in their proper place. I also recently signed up for Misty Wynkler's Smile and Sweep class (registration is still pending for that one). I need a plan there too.

All this is really just to say that of you feel like you are drowning, you are not alone! And if you find yourself wondering why you are doing something just because it sounds like you should but you really don't see the benefit to your family, then drop it. I read a quote somewhere, maybe it was Sarah MacKenzie's book? that said "Keep cutting back until there is peace in your home." This applies to stuff, time, you name it. I'm still in cutting back mode, but I'm getting there.

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