Sunday, October 22, 2017

I8 Musings

Just thinking a few thoughts as we travel on our way home from LegoLand.

Why is it that some people are grown up almost from the time they are born. And yet others never do seem to take that plunge? They are like Peter Pans Lost Boys.

And I wonder at the stark landscape here in southern California. It inspires my imagination. I like to think of the people who first settled this area. Who they were. What they thought about. I see trails that seem to lead somewhere...anywhere. It doesn't really matter where, because this is a land of wandering. I try to imagine myself as such a person. Settling here. With just the wind and the sky and the dust and my family around me. I think I am not as strong as I imagine myself to be though. One taste of thirst and I think I'd give it up.

There is a pass we drive through. It is nothing but rocks, and signs of mountain goats, though I've never seen one here. This too I wonder at. Why did God make places like this? I sometimes think about God creating the world. And as he carefully sculpted the incredible beauty of the mountains, perhaps he put the materials he didn't need here. And then I come and imagine all sorts of things about it.

And all the power lines here in the desert. Where are they going to? Do they go all the way to Mexico? And why is there always black smoke over in that area? The first time I came through here, I thought it was maybe the cartels having some sort of battle, Breaking Bad style. My husband says they probably are burning trash. I like to think it's maybe a group of people having a fun bonfire or something.

Have you ever driven this road? I8 between San Diego and Yuma? I find it facinating. There is an area of sand dunes. A few days ago there was a big windstorm through here that was blowing the sand across the road. Does it get blown into Mexico? And would anyone even notice if it did? Probably not.

I did think about how I had to hold my steering wheel at 30 degrees to keep the van from being blown off the road. And then I wondered if I balanced the forces, if I could figure out the wind speed. What information would I need? I asked my husband when he woke up and we had a fun discussion about it.  I realized how much of my math I have forgotten and promised myself that I would get out my old Calculus book and Statics book and do some refreshing.

And now you have probably had enough of seeing what goes on in my brain when it is left to it's own devices. :)

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