Monday, October 10, 2016

This Is Why We Live In Arizona

The weather right now!  Amazing!  The middle of the day is still hot sometimes, I think we maybe hit 97 on Saturday.  But the mornings.  And the evenings!  If it weren't for the mosquitos, I would be outside constantly.

I am one of those people that step outside and get 15 bites immediately.  I tried those repellent bands, and still got bit, so then put on repellent (a natural based one) and still got bit.  I think I'm doomed to use full strength DEET for the rest of my life.

Anyway, we have been spending quite a bit of time outside.  Yesterday, we took a picnic dinner to the top of a local mountain that overlooks the city.  Seems like everyone else had the same idea, but even with a bunch of other people, it was SO nice. 

The desert sunset.

We've also been spending lots of time in the backyard, way past all the littles bedtime.  Of course they are not complaining.

Doing a little star gazing.

Our weeks are filled to the brim with living, and other "extras".  Soccer, football, Atrium, American Heritage Girls, Troops of St. George.  It seems there is always something going on.  But as crazy as it's been, we have been enjoying ourselves, and when we are all back home we realize how much we love it here.

Cute little soccer girls.  Ladybug is #7.

In all my spare time (he-he) I've been reading and trying to keep up with my Well Read Mom group.  I've also been crafting in the evenings (or whenever, I'm kind of addicted right now.)  My mom sent me this book, and while there was a bit of a learning curve, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

This flower was only supposed to have six petals.


A flower scrubby.

A leaf scrubby.
 We're taking this week off for a unplanned break.  After ten straight weeks of school we could use a bit of a break, and our house could use a bit of attention.  We also have a few morning outings planned.  And I hope to have quite a few times of just nothingness, and some quiet mornings.  Here's to hoping!

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Kate said...

So glad you are able to enjoy such beautiful weather! And I love those scrubbies!!!!