Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainy Day Morning Walk

Yesterday we took a walk in the rain.  It was just a drizzly sort of rain, and I decided to heed Charlotte Mason's advice and walk outside no matter the weather.  With the two little boys loaded up in the stroller we set out.  Generally, when we walk, if my three big kids are on bikes, they ride ahead of me and we have certain places they stop so I can catch up.  But if they walk too, they walk behind me so that I'm not always tripping over them.  :)  Either way, they get a bit of independence from mom, which is good for all of us.

If they are walking, they will often bring their little nature bags to collect treasures in.  Yesterday, at one point, I looked back to see Sunflower and Fritter exchanging one bag that looked to be loaded with very heavy rocks.  They carried that bag all the way home and now the rocks are sitting on my picnic table waiting for mom and dad to watch their "nature show".

Inside "Monkey Forest".  One of our favorite places on our walk.

This is down by what we call the "Troll Bridge" and "Fairy Land".  The fairies were dancing making little rings on the water where they stepped.

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