Friday, September 2, 2016

Catching Up

As far as blogging goes, I figure it's gotten so bad, instead of offering my excuses (homeschooling, traveling, life!) I'll just throw up some pictures and let them tell the story of our adventures lately.  And then I hope to blog a little more regularly now that we seem to be in a good rhythm. Because, as my husband recently told me, blogging and writing are good for me.  And also, I miss this space, and I miss the community I once had with my bloggy friends.  I'm pretty good about updating on Instagram, mostly because it's so easy.  But blogging is more of a commitment.  All good things require a bit of a commitment though, right?


We went to San Diego recently, and got sun burned.  It was amazing.  Just what our family needed.  This is the Children's Pool in La Jolla.  The harbor seals have taken it over for their children.

Napping on the beach.

All ready for their first day of American Heritage Girls.
We went to the dinosaur museum.  Fritter got eaten by a T-Rex.

Or maybe he didn't...

{Learning All The Time}

Working on his own musical composition.  Might he be the next Bach?

Seed race, and then Sunflower (appropriately named, apparently) planted these in a big pot outside and they are thriving.  Even in our hot, dry, climate.  Maybe my hopes for a big garden are not so far away after all...


Quiet Time.  My favorite part of the day.

Finished the scarf, just in time for August.

{Let's Dance}

{Don't forget to smile}

Next up, a recap from our most recent Wyoming trip.  Exciting as ever around here!


Kate said...

Yay!!!! So glad to see all is well with you and yours! The scarf is gorgeous!!!! And the children precious, as always!:)


Cmerie said...

Thank you Kate. I've been trolling your blog lately also for updates. :)