Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 Years

Ten years ago, I did something that changed my life forever.  I married the man of my dreams and started on the real adventure of life.  

On our honeymoon.  We took a road trip in his parents' RV through Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota.  This was at Louis and Clark State Park in Montana.
This being our ten year anniversary, we have taken advantage of the kindness of dear friends and are heading to the seaside all by our lonesome (read - no kids!).  We fully plan on reveling in cooler temperatures, eating three square meals a day without spilled milk (hopefully!), and enjoying each other's company.  I am SO looking forward to the weekend. 

Would you mind sending up a little prayer for safe travels for us, and for the angels to watch over our children?


Tori said...

How fun! Happy Anniversary! I hope you are having a great time.

Kate said...

Wonderful! Hope you had a lovely time!!!!


Cmerie said...

Thank you ladies! It was wonderful!