Friday, July 17, 2015

My Girls and Silliness

Yesterday I posted this picture to Instagram:
 What didn't get shown in the Instagram picture, mostly because of the way I had to crop it was the little "Band-Aid" on Sunflower's leg.  The girls had been playing outside while I was busy inside with Fritter's school (another post for another time).  Sunflower came inside to inform me that she had scratched her leg.  After a quick check from her busy mom, who honestly did little more than mumble a quick "You're ok.  Go outside please.", she went to her big sister.  Ladybug is always a devoted sister and so took matters into her own hands and created the orange tree leaf bandage you see in the picture below (of course I had time to take the picture, just not properly bandage her leg):
Necessity is the mother of invention, me thinks.  :)


Tori said...

Omigosh, how sweet. I love it, haha.

kristinabean said...

Aww that is so sweet! Sisters are the best :)