Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Unfinished (Mostly) Projects

Life is...crazy.  When you are sick for six weeks because baby number 5 is brewing, the house and everything else just gets put on hold.  And it seems that it might take me the rest of this pregnancy to dig out from the mess, just so I can be buried again after baby comes.  Oh well.  I suppose that is life.
So I thought I'd show you what I'm up against right now.  In my home are many people, and many people create many messes and many projects.  I am one of those mess/project makers myself, and rarely does anything get finished anymore.  Case in point:

The girls created these perler bead masterpieces weeks ago.  They have been sitting on my ironing board waiting to either be bumped into non-existence or ironed.  You decide which happens first.  Also note that if these have been on the ironing board for weeks, that probably means the iron hasn't been used at all in that time.

My mom came down for a visit and brought along boxes of junk childhood treasures.  My old Talking Mickey was one of the few things salvaged and most of the rest has been put in a pile out of the picture to be dealt with at whatever point we manage to have a yard sale.  Until then I have all of these piles to go through and find places for.  Can you say overwhelming?

This is my mending pile.  I think the kids will outgrow these clothes before I find time to actually mend them.

My sewing table is currently housing some of next years school books.  These are the ones I have yet to put away, because something needs to be done with them, ie. make copies, cut out the art postcards, ect.

How about something finished for a change?  I moved some things around and organized some things in the school room.  Mostly I needed to find room to put all of those new books.  This just was finished today.  Success!

Uh-oh.  But what's that I spy on top of a school room shelf?  It's our Lenten/Easter project waiting for the Resurrection scene to put it all together.  The kids have done their part.  I just have to do some cutting and putting it together.  Maybe it will be done by Christmas.

The light was bad when this picture was taken, but this is part of the reason for all the upheaval.  (The piano, not necessarily the girl.)  My dear husband went out and got us all a piano and the kids start lessons on Thursday.  Hurray!
Of course getting such a large piece of furniture in means having to make room for it.  In this case it meant moving couches and our prayer table.  But the icons and holy cards (above the couch) have not been moved yet.  This needs to happen soon.

This is half of a purse I am crocheting.  Not because I need a purse, of course, but because it is the next project in my learn to crochet book.  Can't skip anything!  Don't have time for anything!  Half of a purse it is!

The best thing my mom brought with her (besides herself of course) when she came was the china my grandmother left me when she passed away.  The hutch needed to be cleared out to make room for this very large, very beautiful set.  This was actually one of the first things to be finished and is very satisfying to look at when everything else around me is chaos.

Laundry.  Is it ever finished?

These peg dolls were part of a swap I did with our homeschool group.  And this little shelf was a yard sale find months ago.  I spray painted it, and tonight my husband hung it up for me.  So the dolls are up and another thing is finished and beautiful. (I painted St. Joseph in the second row, second to last doll).

This past week our kitchen faucet went kaput while in the middle of dinner clean-up.  (Of course).  So this is the mess my poor husband had to work around.  But I got to pick a new faucet out, so score!

And this was finished later that evening and I was able to complete kitchen clean-up. 
 So after this little walk through, I've realized that just about everything that has been finished is due to my dear husband.  Without him I'd be living in a half finished world.  :)

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Kate said...

Ah Cmerie! I was laughing about digging yourself out of the mess, just in time for the next baby to arrive so you can be buried again! Too true!~I'm still trying to dig my way out over here. :)
Not getting clothed mended til the kids have outgrown them? Yep.Been there. Actually there right now.....
And I am so excited to see that you have a piano! And the kids are starting lessons! How wonderful! Keep on, my friend! You are doing a wonderful job.

May God bless you and yours!