Thursday, May 21, 2015

{phfr} - In Random Order

I'm too lazy tired to rearrange pictures and make this post all snazzy like so I'll just let you pick which goes where (and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen all of these.  Feel free to move along to some other blog.):
Yesterday I felt quite a bit better (thank you last forever morning sickness!) and had more energy.  My poor children have been wasting away in front of the tv or banished to the out of doors and have not had much from me lately.  So I pulled out the paints and let them have at it.  Of course I took pictures to prove that this does sometimes happen in our home, just in case they accuse me of artistic neglect when they are older.

Our homeschool group is doing a saint peg doll swap and I got to paint dear St. Joseph.  I have quite the affinity for him, so painting him was a blessing.  In between bouts of sickness, this is what I managed to get done.  I think he's kind of cute.

After laying on the couch for so long, I have developed a severe case of ennui.  This book is helping me battle back.

Our homeschool group had it's annual May Crowning in the park a few weeks ago.  It was a cool day (especially for Arizona in May!) complete with raindrops.  But even wind was not going to stop these children from bringing their flowers to our Blessed Mother and honoring her in the best way they could.

I love this picture.  I love how at only 11 weeks I can distinguish little arms and legs.  In another picture the profile is more visible.  But 11 weeks!  Wow!  And our little one was in there just kicking away, as safe and happy as could be.  God is so good.
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