Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Wee Update

The past few weeks have been a little rough.  Between my husband's back issues, various sicknesses cropping up, a road trip, and trying to get settled back into a rhythm so we can (at some point!) finish school this year...well, we're all busy, aren't we?

This fall looks to be a busy one as well.  School is mostly planned out (and ordered, yay!) and I tried to make things simple.  My husband will be taking another (long) trip for work and will be gone for several+ weeks.  Also....Baby #5 will be (God willing) joining us in November.

Yep.  Things are busy around here, but we are so blessed.  Every time I contemplate the fact that I am going to be a mother to five children (plus two in heaven) I start to panic a little.  And then I smile and remember those sweet first few weeks with a newborn.  And I wonder who this little person growing inside me is.  What will he or she look like?  And are we going to have more boys or more girls?  And then I see the joy and excitement on my older children's faces.  And I remember that the greatest gift I can give to those I love the most is another person to love and who will love them.  Another friend for life.

So yes, I've not been feeling well (although this is probably the best first trimester I've ever had, mostly due to the fact that I figured out my queasiness triggers: sweets and low blood sugar).  I'm tired.  I'm cranky and emotional.  But I'm also filled with wonder at the good gifts of our Father.  And I'm in awe.  Complete awe.


Kate said...

Yay! Congratulations!!!!! May God bless you all! :)


Mary H said...

Ohh! This is so exciting! You are breaking out of the 4 club! I am SO glad I checked your blog today! I will pray for you my friend!
Love, Mary

Jennie C. said...

Congratulations! Hope it's a nice, easy, non-complicated pregnancy. :-)