Thursday, February 12, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

{the potential to be pretty}
A couple of weeks ago I went to my Mommy's & Mentor's meeting.  We talked about loss and grieving and hope.  Winter deadness and spring growth.  And then our lovely host brought in each of us a surprise.  A rose bush.  In all it's thorny glory, and the potential (assuming of course that I don't kill it) to be beautiful in a few months.
I plan to plant it today in this little spot by my front door.  Any tips for an aspiring rose gardener?

My little Sunflower has the makings to be a princess.  That is, she has all the dress up clothes and ballet moves and desire to be a princess.  A few days ago she decided that she wanted to help mom by doing some sweeping. 
Sunflower: I'm sweeping, because this house is SO dirty!
Me: Why don't you move the chairs and sweep under the table?  You could pretend it's a little house.
Sunflower: Good idea Mama!
I'm so clever. :)

Life with kids is just funny.  There is always something going on in this crazy house of mine to laugh at.  It's too bad I'm serious most of the time.  Because my kids are FUNNY.
Case in point: Fritter was telling Dan and I about a game that he and Ladybug were playing.
Fritter: Ladybug and I were playing waterboarding.
Dan/Me: ....
Fritter: And it was so much fun. What a great game we played.
Dan/Me:... (imagining Fritter and Ladybug pretending to torture each other.)
Dan: And what does this game consist of, son?
Fritter: It's on the Wii, and it's so much fun and you go behind a boat...
Dan/Me: (laughing hysterically)
After playing wakeboarding on the Wii, my children decided it would be a good idea to practice it in our front room.  In their pajamas.  First thing in the morning.  Gotta keep that sense of humor going.


This next funny has been witnessed on at least one occasion by out of town family members.  Lest they think that incident was a one time thing, I'm here to assure you it is routine around here.  Every single time I fold the girls' clothes after being washed I find I have inadvertently washed some of their doll clothes.  The doll clothes get folded and put back in their room and somehow they end up back in the wash.  Either I have some very messy girls on my hands or they have very messy dolls.  This week I had four doll shirts and one random little girl dress up glove.  Back into the cycle of madness we go.

This was actually from last week, when I first started to write this post but had to give up because, life.  After getting over the sickness from... you know where... a few weeks ago, somebody decided we hadn't been sick enough and so handed us another dose.  This time both Dan and I were spared, but it was a doozy.  Both small ones had the worst case of croup I'd ever seen.  It was misery.  My little Froggy had it the worst and spent the best part of a week camped out on the couch or my lap. 


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