Thursday, November 13, 2014

{phfr} - Goings On and a Happy Birthday

I mentioned before that we had found a caterpillar.  This morning I went to look for him in his little habitat (borrowed from a good friend) and finally found him on the roof.  He has strung himself up and it looks like he may be ready to build his chrysalis.  He's pretty in an ugly sort of way.  :)

Normally this time of year I already have plenty of pureed pumpkin in the freezer from those very cheap Halloween pumpkins.  Alas, this year I was running behind (as I seem to do in most everything nowadays) and by the time I got around to buying pumpkins all I could find were the more expensive pie pumpkins.  I bought four pumpkins anyway, and yesterday cooked them all and pureed them.  Considering each pumpkin was $1.99, and I bought four of them for a total of $7.96, I managed to get the equivalent of seven cans of pureed pumpkin.  A can of pumpkin is around $3.  That's a savings of over $13!  Economical indeed.  Plus, it's also kind of pretty.

We celebrated another birthday around here.  Fritter turned 8 on Saturday.  What else does an eight year old boy want than a real pair of cowboy boots?  We've been hearing an awful lot about rounding up cattle and lassoing things around here lately.

He asked for a volcano cake.  This is the best I could do.  If my kids didn't enjoy my cakes so much I would have turn in my cake making license.
This is more funny in the not so funny way (whatever that means).  Pumpkin seeds.  Sitting on the counter in a colander until I can get around to roasting them.  Ha ha.  Funny.

What's real is that we wouldn't get very far without prayer, now would we?  Without grace we have nothing.
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