Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Caterpillar Update

The day after I posted about our caterpillar, we left the house for just a little while and when we came home we found our little guy transformed.  We were disappointed we had to miss it happen, but everyone is still thrilled he (or she?) made it this far!

Do you see him hanging by the zipper?

Yesterday we went with our homeschool group on a field trip to the Butterfly Wonderland.  I guess you could say we're doing an impromptu unit study on butterflies.  I went in a little apprehensive about the thought of butterflies landing on me.  And they did!  Land on me, I mean.  Once on my head (that was my biggest fear actually), another time on my back.  And each child received about the same treatment.  Sunflower is the only one who has inherited my fear of anything resembling a bug or spider, and she was found many times running and screaming away from the butterflies.  She may be scarred for life.  :)

Do you see what's on Froggy's head?  What about on the butterfly bench behind us?

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Tori said...

We went last year, it was fun. My biggest fear was that Ari would kill all the butterflies, haha, but I think we managed to keep her exuberance contained. We did have some land on us, which felt a little weird, but the kids loved it. I hope Sunflower recovers. We have a great picture on the bench, too.