Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Week of Feasts

First up was the celebration of my hubby's birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he said spaghetti.  Not because he has any special love for spaghetti, but because he knows our children love it.  That's my wonderful husband for you.  So to make the spaghetti a little more festive, I made meatballs, using a mix of Emeril's and Rachel Ray's recipe (how's that for a mix!).  They may not be the prettiest meatballs on the block, but they were tasty.
 I also hadn't made bread for quite some time and have been wanting to get back in the habit.  I use Jennie C's recipe (I couldn't find the recipe there, but it is wonderful), and followed some of the techniques posted on Leila's blog.  The bread turned out lovely.

Cleaning up.
Having tea.

He's older than three.  How about times ten.  Plus....I'm not telling.  :)
 And then of course we had our annual pumpkin carving.  This year we opted for just one pumpkin (it's the adults doing all the carving anyway!), but it was a big one.  Fritter designed one side, and Ladybug the other.  They did the scooping, we did the carving.

Fritter's side, Dad carved.

Ladybug's side, Mom carved.
 This year, we opted to go to our homeschool groups All Saints party.  Normally we trick or treat around the neighborhood, but all of our friends were at the party.  Peer pressure!  Unfortunately, all this week we've been battling colds.  So in the end my dear husband stayed home sick with Froggy.  :(
Froggy-no-costume, St. Cecelia, St. Anthony the Abbot, St. Helena.
 And of course this past week all culminates in today's feast of All Souls' Day.
Eternal rest grant unto them, and may perpetual light shine upon them.  May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Tori said...

The meatballs look tasty! Spaghetti with meatballs has become one of my favorite meals, no joke. I like spaghetti in general but the meatballs make it extra special.

We got two big pumpkins this year but we never got around to carving them :( Just too much going on!

Cmerie said...

You're a busy mom with a newborn! Pumpkins are prettier when they are not carved anyway. :)