Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Paper roses for the feast of St. Therese made by Fritter.
Ladybug had her first teeth pulled (not the ideal way to get them out, that's for sure) and needed somewhere to put her tooth fairy loot.  So I made her a piggy bank.  I think it's pretty and so does she.
Sisters.  These two just make my heart melt.

After all the rains we've had down here, the fields were finally (finally!) dry enough for us to start our soccer season.  I'm sort of in shock at how big my big boy is. 

And Ladybug gets to play on her very first soccer team!

This little boy has a bit of mischief in his eyes, don't you think?

 {funny, real}
Our nightly routine pretty much looks like this.  These are a little bigger bowls than we normally use, but this particular night was a feast day.  Francis?  Therese?  I don't remember, but it was delicious.  Blue Bell ice cream is my all time favorite!
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Tori said...

I love the paper roses. And the ice cream, of course ;)