Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Conversation with Ladybug {phfr}

{real, funny}

In which I mentioned how very tired I was this afternoon, after a busy day deep cleaning the house.  (Including windows!  And curtains!  And bathrooms and moving get the idea.)  Ladybug was busy stitching on my bed while I lay there contemplating our afternoon.  She leaned over a whispered, "I have a great idea!  How about we invite all of our friends over, and we'll play very quietly, and you can take a little nap."

Nice try, Ladybug.  Nice try.

{pretty, happy}

And how about an unrelated photo of Sunflower.  Instead of, "Cheeeese!"  She said, "Princess!"

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MOM said...


Kate said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! THAT is HILAROUS!!!!!!Hope you all are well! I need to e-mail you again one of these days!


Kate said...

HILAROUS?? I did mean to type HILARIOUS...... oh well;)