Friday, August 15, 2014

A Marian Banner

...for the Feast of the Assumption.
After scanning through my stash I found a thrifted cloth, some blue ribbon for the Marian symbol and a pretty blue fabric (with small flowers on it).  Once I figured out how I wanted it to look, the rest was easy.  Just some pinning and adjusting.  When I was finished, we clipped the branch from our mulberry tree and Fritter stripped the leaves off.  All that was left to do after that was hang it.  Sure there are imperfections (quite a few actually!) but I used what I had and will let love do the rest.  Hmmm...sounds a bit like how our Blessed Mother cares for us!  We come to her with all our cares and imperfections and prayers, she perfects them, and offers them to her Son in great love.

Now we have a banner we can hang on our front door for all the Marian feasts!  Happy Feast of the Assumption!

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