Friday, July 11, 2014

After More Than 20 Years It's Finished

My mom started this jean quilt more than 20 years ago during a decidedly transitional period in our lives.  Without getting into details, let's just say times were hard.
I remember the stacks of jeans that she used to cut the pieces from. The jeans were given to her by various friends and family members. I remember them going with us wherever we moved.  I don't think I really appreciated (or even thought much about) the reason why we were carrying it all with us.  It was just there.  A part of us, a part of our lives.   
The quilt top was finished a few years later.  After all the moving and being stored in places it was decidedly dirty and so my mom washed the quilt top at which point some parts frayed and some seams were undone.  And so the quilt was put away again.
A couple of years ago, while my mom was out visiting us, she brought the quilt with her.  We shopped at Joann's for some batting and backing fabric together and the project was handed on to me.  This was about the time I had completed my first quilt for Ladybug.
Another baby and a couple of years later, I decided it was time to finish my mom's quilt.  I looked up ideas on fixing quilts and decided on applique.  I'd never tried that before, but figured now was as good a time as any.  I planned on twelve little flowers in various places around the quilt, but after the first one, decided two were plenty.  Not only did I not want to overwhelm the quilt itself, all that stitching was tiresome and it was time for the quilt to be finished.  (Plus I want to take it with us on our upcoming road trip to Seattle!) 
After the applique, the rest was simple.  I cut off any frays from the back of the quilt top, positioned the batting and backing and tied the quilt and finished the edges.  Done!  Enough talk.  Want to see some pictures (pardon their quality)?

It's much more warmth than we need in this climate, but is perfect for a picnic blanket, and maybe someday a family heirloom.


Kate said...

Absolutely beautiful, Cmerie! What a treasure!


Unknown said...

This is a precious piece of history and two generations of talent and love.