Friday, May 30, 2014

A Good Book

Last night my husband and I got very little sleep.  This was not the fault of our children, nor was it the fault of ...well maybe the coke ice cream floats had something to do with it, but it just happened that both of us happened to be reading very good books and we just could not put. them. down.

I was in the last couple of chapters of With God in Russia by Father Walter Ciszek.  The book is an autobiographical account of an American Jesuit priest who went into Russia for missionary work in 1939 and was very soon arrested as "a Vatican spy".  He spent four (or five?) years in basically solitary confinment in prison before being sent to work for 15 years in the prison camps of Siberia, plus a few years of undefined status in a couple of towns in Siberia.  The story is amazing and last night at about midnight my husband asked what I was still doing up.  I told him there was no way I was going to bed until I found out if he makes it out of Russia.  And then when I was done with the book, I did just a little research and found this website dedicated to Father Ciszek's cause for cannonization.

I could have asked my husband what he was doing up as well, but his answer would have been the same thing.  He has started reading Quo Vadis and cannot put it down.  He read 100 pages last night and said he understands why it is one of the best-selling books of all time.

There is nothing like a good book to make you lose sleep.  It's like spending the evening chatting away with a good friend.  Read anything good lately?  There are lots of good books out there right now.  My next read is Something Other Than God, which, if the reviews are true, just may make me lose more sleep.

I like to keep several books going at once.  Yesterday I also finished reading the Charlotte Mason Companion, which was filled with great ideas I hope to implement in our school next year (and some this summer too) and I'm also reading The Little Oratory which will now take most of my daytime reading since I finished CM.

I once had a dream of being a librarian.  My house certainly isn't as quiet as a library, but I like to pretend.  I've even taken a step to realizing my dream...instead of referring to our front room as (wait for it) the front room, I've taken to calling it "the library".  My children look at me funny, but they'll catch on someday.


Becky said...

You will love your next read if it's Something Other Than God -- I loved it. I was also up late earlier this week reading The Hunger Games, which of course if a very different kind of book, but it was a page-turner for sure. I'm looking for my next book I can sink my teeth into. Perhaps I'll have to try one of your recommendations.

Cmerie said...

I highly recommend the Father Ciszek book, Becky. And so far Something Other Than God has been excellent.