Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching Up And Getting Help

Every time I think I'm going to start blogging more frequently...I don't.  I suppose that is just the stage of life I am in now and eventually will be blogging more...or not. :)

So what have we been up to here in the land of dust and diapers and please-please-don't-let-spring-be-over-I-don't-want-summer-to-come?  Well, we had visitors, which I mentioned, and then we got sick, and then we got sick some more (this time with the stomach flu), and then my husband traveled...So. Busy.

And....I hired a Mother's Helper to come twice a week for three hours.  Whew!  That wasn't so hard to admit!  :)

Seriously, I realized, like others have as well, that I am not meant to 1) do this job alone and 2) be with my children  I love being a mother.  I love homeschooling.  I love staying home to make a home and take care of my family.  I don't love not having any family around to rely on (I have VERY good friends who could (and do!) help in a pinch, which I am very grateful for).  I don't love having to take four young children to the grocery store every week, because my husband (who usually does/did the shopping is also very busy and it's hard to ask him to do one.more.thing. when he is so tired at the end of the day).  I don't love not having regular breaks (or really just once in a while) to just breath and feel human again.

So one day, after talking it over with my husband, we decided to go for it.  I had someone in mind already who has babysat for us before.  She is 14 and homeschooled, so her schedule is flexible, and her parents drive her both ways.

The only catch is that she is moving the end of May and I'll have to start the search all over again.  But I'm ok with that.  We plan on (God willing) taking a vacation this summer and then when we get back I'll find someone else.  The good thing about this situation is that it is sort of a trial period to see what it is I actually need help with, what works and what doesn't.  So.  Awesome.

Monday was her first day and by the end of the day I felt like I was floating.  It was that great.  When she first comes in I have her doing some catch up work for me, sweeping, folding clothes, ect and a few extra chores that I just wouldn't get to (like washing the sliding glass door or in today's case some zone cleaning a-la Flylady style) while I focus on school with Fritter and then when she is done she plays with the girls.  And when I am done with school?  I get to leave for an hour or so.  Monday I bought a few shirts that my wardrobe desperately needed, and today I did grocery shopping.

Seriously.  This has given me the lift that I needed.  My sister-in-law warned me though that in six months I will have climbed out of the hole that I am in and be tempted to say that I don't need this anymore.  She suggested that as long as it remains a possibility and is in the budget that I should keep with it.  And you know?  I think she is right.

So now I am off to pick up Fritter and Ladybug from Atrium and head out to our new founded Rosary Group and then home for a great leftover dinner.  Because we have leftovers!  Because I've been cooking, (and by that I mean really cooking, not just sloppy joes, which I admit, have their place)!  Which is always a sign that things are looking up.

(And I suppose that this could constitute my April New Months Resolution, right?)


Kate said...

That is WONDERFUL, Cmerie!!!I think I'd be doing the very same thing if my parents didn't live so close to us! So sorry to hear you all were sick. Hope you have a blessed Easter!


Unknown said...

Hi Cousin! I'm glad that you are going to be able to get a few hours of respite as it is so good for you. I understand completely the need to realign yourself with the adult that you are and the woman that you are. It can become an isolating world without being able to have time to replenish yourself. Love you!