Thursday, March 20, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Growing Things and Visitors

round button chicken
March is probably the best month to live (or visit!) Arizona.  Because the orange blossoms and jasmine are all in bloom it smells heavenly outside and signs of life are everywhere.

Our mulberry tree.  Green against the sapphire blue of the sky.  So pretty.
We've done quite a bit of planting this year and my hope is that we can manage to keep some of it alive.  I've enlisted my dear husband's help this time and so maybe there is a chance.

Our baby acacia tree.  This guy started out as a seed and we've had him in a pot for the past year.  So far he has survived the transition into the ground...

It's amazing to think that by summer this bird of paradise will be taller than me, with the loveliest orange flowers.

It's funny, but the kids' flowers always do the best out of any I plant.  I think it's because they truly love them.

We also planted a few vines on our back porch.  This one is a Lady Banks Rose and is supposed to be very hardy. 

Another vine...  Trumpet flowers.
Another benefit to living in Arizona is all the free citrus.  Our neighbors have oranges and grapefruits which grow over into our yard, so we gladly help ourselves.  A few weekends ago my husband decided to squeeze the grapefruits for their juice and eventually the whole family became involved.
And the juice was delicious!

Happy is also a little boy pulling up weeds for me.  How satisfying it is to get them up by their roots.
 In other news, we've had quite a few visitors in recent memory.  A few weekends ago we got a visit from some dear friends from our college days in Wyoming.  They were in town for a friends' wedding and stopped in to see us.  It was so much fun to see them, and to read about the rest of their trip!  Kate brought me these beautiful flowers...
 ...and chocolate for old times' sake.  We dined on pizza and pumpkin bread and then the chocolate wonderfulness had to be put away because Lent was starting.

I should never lack for things in the funny department with these children of mine around.  My little Miss Ladybug has got her very own fashion sense and usually always has some bling of some sort on.  On the tippy top of her head is a little paper princess crown her brother made her, which I managed to attach to her with bobby pins.  This girl is sweet as pie and really just a very funny little lady.
This past weekend we had yet another visit.  This time from some family from Wyoming, including my mom, two of my aunts, and my grandmother.  It was a real honor having my grandma in my home and to have my children get to know her a little.  Sunflower especially took to her and would often climb into her lap, or sneak peeks at her as she was napping.
However, it was apparent while she was here that the trip was hard on her, and by the time she got home she became really pretty sick and is now in the hospital and not doing so well.  If you all could say a little prayer for her to get better and for wisdom for her doctors, I would really appreciate it.
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Mrs. C said...

It's so nice to see plant life after the long winter. We live in the North East and it been brutal this year.

I love the line from Mulieris Dignatatem on your banner. My blog is named after "The Sincere Gift" that Pope John Paul II talks about.

Speaking of gifts, I love it when children have a chance to spend time with their great grandparents. My husband's grandmother is still alive and she just lives for her 8 granddaughters. She prays for them, sends them little gifts and cards, and enjoys playing house with them and reading them stories when they visit. I said some Hail Mary's for your grandmother. I hope she is home and feeling better soon.

Mrs. C

Kate said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma, Cmerie! You can be assured of our prayers for her. Thank you again for the lovely dinner and evening together. We miss you guys!