Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kid Quotes

I know I just posted, but I had to get these down before I forget:

While snuggling with Fritter this morning, I mentioned to him that he smelled good because he had just taken a bath last night.  To which he replied, "And you are like a snuggly pile of soft sugar cookies."  My kind of compliment.

Yesterday while sitting in the bathroom with Sunflower on the potty she asked, "Where's the train?"  "What train?" I asked back.  "The potty train?"  She replied.  I keep wondering if she has been imagining a giant toilet on tracks.

On Sunday I was found ironing a couple of my husbands shirts for his trip the next day (I know, servile work, but I didn't have much choice).  Ladybug came skipping up and said, "Mom, someday I'm going to be a princess.  And when I am, I am going to get to use the iron.  Princesses use irons, right Mom?"  They sure do.  It's how they are trained to be queens of their homes.

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