Monday, February 3, 2014

February New Month's Resolution

For February we have decided to get back in the habit of family prayer.  We used to say a decade of the Rosary each evening after dinner, but we had a new baby, life got crazy, and we basically stopped doing the things we were supposed to do and started just surviving.  However.  Saying a family Rosary was a rock that anchored our family life.  And we desperately need anchored. 
I keep my St. Lucy Rosary hanging over a lamp in our sitting room.  I always know where it is and it doesn't get tangled up.

I'm not sure why family prayer was one of the first things to go when life happened.  On a practical level it takes all of five minutes (20 to say an entire Rosary) and serves to calm the family before we start our evening bedtime routine.  That is a very good thing. 

More than that though, this family (as all family's do) needs grace.  We need to be close to our Lord and the Blessed Mother.  We need the prayers of those closest to our Lord.  There is a definite difference in our family life when we pray.  We have more patience with each other, we are able to forgive more readily, we are able to apologize when we have wronged.  It is so easy to forget that it is only by grace that we are able to do these things on a routine basis.  I know too well how quickly I fall when I am left to my own devices.  And you can be sure my family knows that as well.  So, in the interest of becoming a healthier family, we are recommitting to our family Rosary.

Have you made any resolutions this month?

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