Thursday, January 30, 2014

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round button chicken
My dear hubby was gone over the Christmas break and so to keep myself from focusing on my loneliness I did quite a bit of crafting.  I saw an idea for something like this hair clip holder at a friends house (except hers was more thought out and better executed) and then got a few ideas off Pinterest.  In the end though, it was mostly me and my sewing machine, some fabric and bits of ribbon that figured out how to pull off what my brain was conceiving.  This is the final result:
 It's not perfect, but it works.  And it brings some much needed color to an otherwise drab bathroom.

A friends mother came up with a wonderful idea.  She invited a few younger moms over to have what she calls "Mommy's and Mentors" (M&Ms).  Dinner, dessert, crafts, games, chatting, and offered advice on motherhood.  And it's all free!  Last night was the first night, and it was so much fun.  I won two of the bingo games, and of course the prize was chocolate.  For the craft we used her Cricut to make Valentine's cards for our husbands (and now I am ahead of the game!).  Dinner was awesome, but the best part was being able to just chat with friends and have a lovely evening sans kids.  This is planned to happen once a month.  Let me tell you, the knowledge that I got to go do this last night was what helped me get through an otherwise crummy day.

My little Froggy is a funny guy.  I am often surprised by how a little baby can have such a large sense of humor.  He is (mostly) always smiling, and it does not take much to get him laughing.  Which of course makes me laugh, and that's saying something!

Baby cookie and banana chunks.  What more could a baby ask for?
This is my planner from this morning.  (If you can't read it, click on the picture to make it bigger).  Besides the obvious slacking in the to do department (the post it list was written two weeks ago and is still not finished), notice the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  This is where I write down the three things I am thankful for everyday. 

Some mornings it's really hard to be thankful, when you would just rather be in bed.  :)

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