Thursday, January 23, 2014

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round button chicken

We do not start Co-op again until February which means we have actually had a few free Fridays.  Since the weather this time of year is so nice here (my apologizes to all of you up north who are FREEZING) we decided to go to the nature preserve.  That's where we saw these Canadian Geese.  There were many, many more behind these ones. So pretty.
Happy is the baby who learns to crawl and no longer has to wait for mom to bring him approved toys.  This picture was taken a month ago, when he still didn't crawl and the books on the table behind him were safe.  No longer.  But still.  It's a happy day when the baby starts to crawl.  Or something like that.
Do you know what else is happy?  My floors.  I finally took the advice of Leila (and also from this book which I highly recommend) and bought good matting for our doors.  I ordered them extra large and only slightly cringed at the price.  They came in yesterday and I immediately set about sweeping and mopping the floors so I could put these babies down.  

I ordered the 3 foot by 5 foot size and got two for inside (back and front door) and one for the back porch (which is where most of the offending dirt and grass from little feet comes from).  Not only will my floors be happy, but also my tired broom (not to mention the tired sweeper).
On our visit to the nature preserve, we stopped by to feed the ducks.  I'm not sure who was more excited, my children or the ducks.  They were so happy to have food (the ducks, not the kids) that they began to fly up onto the little dock and got very close to us.  The girls didn't seem to notice the duck eating spilled bird food right behind them.  They were to busy dropping food in the water.

From Instagram the other day:

One of these cold cups of coffee is from today. The other is from yesterday. I can't tell...which one do I warm up?
In all honesty and forthrightness, I picked the fuller of the two.  And then after microwaving it and taking a couple of (much needed) sips, I forgot all about it.  I'm learning it is a luxury to drink a full cup of coffee in one sitting.  For this I much get up much earlier than I am, I think.

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