Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My kids, like all good Catholic children, have had at least some exposure to Latin.  We also live in the Southwest and so they have had exposure to Spanish as well.  That doesn't mean they know how to speak those languages though.  Not by a long shot.

Overheard from the back of the van yesterday (on my home from the grocery store.  I know.  I AM awesome to be able to take four children grocery shopping.  My dear husband is out of town.  I had no choice. To be fair though, they were angels.)

Ladybug: Mom, I think you say hungry in Spanish like this: hungo.  And you say thirsty like this: thirsto.

Fritter: No, you say hungry in Spanish hanish.  And thirsty is thanish.

Ladybug: Well then, how do you say hungry and thirsty in Latin?

Fritter: You say hungry like this: hatin.  And thirsty like this: thatin.

Ladybug: Fatten?

Fritter: No not fatten.  Thatin.  Not f, t-h.  Thatin.

Sunflower: Mama?  I hungwy.

I'm telling you, my kids are brilliant.  This homeschooling thing?  Totally working out.  :)

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Kate said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! So cute Cmerie!!!!! God bless you and yours!