Friday, November 1, 2013

Scenes From Halloween

We still haven't figured out this camera.  Perhaps reading the manual would be a good idea.  Until then we are dealing with grainy and blurry pictures.  My dear husband has gone so far as to declare the camera junk.  Maybe I'll bust out the manual this weekend...

First up is sweet Ladybug as Rapunzel.

Next is Fritter as Robin Hood (if you follow me on Pinterest you can see where I got the idea for his hat in the Halloween costumes board) the shirt and bag I made from the material from his past St. Francis robe.

Sunflower as Strawbababababerry Shortcake (the purse is all made by me, the shirt and hat have been altered by me.)

And last but certainly not least is my little Froggy as Paddington Bear.  No candy for this little guy.  He had to content himself with chewing on his Marmalade bag jar.

And the loot. You can't stop a mommy from digging in.  I was the one who managed to pull the costumes together after all.
No more time today.  We're off to Co-op and then we have preparations for All Saints Day today and All Souls' Day tomorrow.  Happy November everyone!


Unknown said...

Family looks so good and happy!! :)

Cmerie said...

Aw thanks Pete! We miss you! How is everything going?