Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo Mash

Remember me?  The girl who said she was going to start blogging more often?  Um...yeah....
We've been so busy living that it's been really hard to even find time to blink.  Every once in a while I am reminded by more experienced parents that the time goes by so quickly so I should embrace it.  I now know why it goes quickly.  Half the time the day is ended before I've even realized it's begun.  I have been taking pictures though, so I thought I'd try to share what we've been up to in picture form.  Note that these may not be in any particular order, I've uploaded them from both my camera and my phone, and at some point today we MUST get some school done.
We celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7.  Because we have lots of birthday's coming up, I didn't want to ruin us on cake so I made these excellent brownies.

For the Feast of St. Therese we made sacrifice beads and read about St. Therese in our Treasure Box Books.  It's been so cute to see the children run around trying to do sacrifices in order to make a present for Jesus.

With all the feast days this month we've been doing lots of coloring.

And as always I've been falling behind on the laundry.  These are clean.  Wow, that's stressful just looking at it and I've put this all away by now.

Fritter caught a toad in our backyard.

After catching him, we looked him up and found him to be a Great Plains Toad, which apparently are very common in this neck of the woods, though this is the first one we've seen around our house.  Maybe it had something to do with all the rain we received.  Anyway, Fritter also drew him in his science notebook before letting him go.
My Fritter is always creating something.  I've been meaning to blog about this little thing for months now (as can be seen from the date stamp).  I have been told this is a blood stream.  The white puff balls are white blood cells.  I'm telling you, this kid is a genius.  :)

We have been soaking up as much of this little guy as we can.  Our little Froggy insists on growing even though I've told him not to.  Why listen to mom when growing is so much fun?

We've had lots of reading time.  Lots and lots of reading time.

Another of Fritter's creations.  This is a bug fort complete with branches from the trimming of our Bird of Paradise.

Of course the bugs needed fire wood so they could stay warm.

The cooler weather has allowed us to leave our windows open at night, but by morning time it's chilly for this little Arizona family (meaning it's about 70 degrees inside).  In an effort to keep my little Froggy warm he's gone back to wearing hats.  Paired with his grandpa's ears and it makes for one adorable baby.
And he's also a very rolly polly little guy.  Grabbing the feet is one of my favorite stages.

Like I said, lots of reading.

I'm not the only one enthralled with my boy baby.  The bigger males in the house are as well.


After taking pictures of little Frog, Miss Sunflower said, "I can has a pitur of me?"  Of course little Sunflower.  Who can resist that smile?

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Kate said...

Great pictures! So glad all is well. Your kids are so cute!!! That pesky laundry. Determined to tackle mine today!