Friday, September 13, 2013

On Being Flexible

Yesterday I had four teeth removed to make room for my other teeth to shift around.  So far this braces thing has been...Yeowch!  Of course school did not happen yesterday.  I laid on the couch watching the kids play around me.  Later Fritter and Ladybug made little puppets and with the hopes of putting on a puppet show for us this evening.  Art.  Drama. Public Speaking.

Today is the first day of Blue Knights and Little Flowers for Fritter and Ladybug.  My job is to help in the nursery.  Which would have been fine.  As long as I keep up on the ol' ibuprofen I'm ok.  So we were all getting ready to get out the door, when my poor little Fritter made a run for the bathroom to throw up.  So of course he can't go to Blue Knights.  It also means I can't help in the nursery. 

Thankfully we've gotten it set up so there is always a back up person on hand to take care of the little ones in the nursery, so they shouldn't miss me too much.  I dropped Ladybug off in her class and scooted Fritter home where he is currently watching The Magic School Bus on Netflix. 

I'm guessing school will not happen today either.  Unless you consider The Magic School Bus to be science.

More than anything though, we are learning to be flexible with our plans.  We are learning compassion and patience for each other when one of us is not feeling well.  This is real life.  This is what homeschooling is all about.


Jennie C. said...

Yes, it is. Relationships trump everything else! Hope you all are feeling better quickly.

Cmerie said...

Thank you Jennie. I hope so too!

Kate said...

We are just coming out of a bout of the stomach flu!!!! Hugs!!!!


Cmerie said...

Oh no, Kate! I hope you all are feeling better soon as well. Today Fritter seems to be feeling better, though he's still not eating well. Praying no one else comes down with it, but this next week will tell.