Thursday, September 5, 2013

New School Year Entrance Interviews

I decided after seeing it in a few other places to conduct a little interview of each of my little students.  Some of what I found, I expected, but some things came as a little surprise. 

Fritter 1st Grade:

Favorite thing to do: Painting

Favorite song to sing: The Land Before Time Song (this is a made up song that he has song so often that Ladybug and Sunflower know the words as well).

Favorite movie or tv show: The Land Before Time

Favorite thing to learn in school: Learning how to read (that's my boy!)

One thing I hope to accomplish this year: dig all the way to Australia!  (When I asked if he meant China, he was adamant that he could angle his dig and end up in Australia.)

Favorite Saint: St. Michael the Archangel "Because he fights the devil!"

Favorite Poem: Windy Nights by Robert Lewis Stevenson (which happens to be the one he is working on now.)

One place I like to go: the Science Center

When I grow up: "I want to be a dad and my work is to go to space and do all kinds of things no one has ever done before."

Favorite toy: Ducky (Did I ever mention that a few months after that post, Ducky came back out of the box?  He did and is still Fritter's favorite lovey.)

Sunflower PreK:
Favorite thing to do: "Playing horsie games with Fritter."

Favorite song to sing: You Are My Sunshine

Favorite movie or tv show: Cinderella "That's a beautiful movie!"

Favorite thing to learn about in school: horsies (Guess I'd better add that into her curriculum!)

One thing I hope to accomplish this year: how to drive a car.  (I asked her if she wanted to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels, and she decided she was just fine keeping them on.  I think we'll keep the car keys out of reach of her for now.)

Favorite saint: St. Dominic Savio "Because he's the best Saint!" (He is also our patron saint for this school year.  St. Dominic Savio pray for us!)

Favorite nursery rhyme: "Hey Little Diddle"

One place I like to go: the zoo

When I grow up : "I wanna be...a mommy."

Favorite toy: horsie toys

Sunflower 2 years old:

 Obviously she can't speak for herself  all that well, so I surmised the answers myself.

Favorite things to do: play with the doll house or play kitchen, pull out stacks of books and read them one by one.

Favorite song to sing: ABC's

Favorite movie or tv show: "Strawbababababerry!" (Strawberry Shortcake) and "The Magic Goose Bus" (The Magic School Bus)

One place I like to go: Gracie and Annie's house

Favorite toy: Monkey (you can see monkey in both pictures of her on this post.  A Round of "Where's Monkey" anyone?)

Froggy 4 months old:

His favorite everything is me and I so relish that.  We put him in the jumper yesterday for the first time and I about cried.  I'm not ready for him to grow up yet!
And there you have it folks.  My attempt to jump back into the bloggy bandwagon.  I actually have posts swirling in my head, including thoughts from our first few weeks of school and another about the love languages...we'll see if they ever make it on the ol' blog.