Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Feeling Fallish

Sunday saw a drastic turn in the weather around here.  I didn't realize it was the first day of fall right away, but I knew something was different.  The sun was coming in through the window in our front room, which only happens at certain times of the year.  Still I didn't recognize it.  Later Sunday afternoon I was refusing to go outside because of the oppressive heat, when my more astute husband informed me that it was not hot outside.  I thought that was just a little odd.  And then Monday morning I woke up and was just a little bit...cold.  This is why:
"It must be fall!" I thought to myself and immediately began pulling out the box of fall decorations, after I opened all of the windows of course.
We call this little guy Sully.  He was a gift from my husband last fall.
Even Pope Francis is feeling festive and fallish.
Orange, orange everywhere.
I did most of this during nap time, and since Fritter doesn't nap anymore, he decided to make his own fall things.
A leaf for each of the three big kids.
A book by Fritter: The Seasons and The Plants
The page on the left shows the seasons and the page on the right shows a flower in those various seasons.
When the little ones woke up from their naps, they were greeted with a home made a little more cozy with the oranges and yellows and browns, so of course they wanted to do something too.  We decided on woven place mats, since we didn't have enough fallish place mats anyway.

Concentrating so hard on their work.
With all of our efforts combined, our home is fully decorated and ready for fall.  Come on cooler weather, hot apple cider and tea, and pants!  ;)

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