Thursday, July 18, 2013


So while I have not been blogging much, I have been taking pictures.  Here are some of the things we've been up to.
Fritter has been hard at work doing all sorts of things.  While out in the garage with dad the other day he built this:
 I've been informed that it is a wire charger.  In my personal opinion, I think it's the work of a genius.  :)

Currently he is working on building models, and today found him sanding the wood pieces for a bi-plane he is building.
 A few weeks ago both big kids had Catholic Vacation Bible School, and while I didn't get any pictures of them there, I did get one of them in their shirts.
 Which leads me to Ladybug.  Little Miss Ladybug has become quite the card stitcher.  Last Saturday she sat down to stitch with Sunflower.
 And a few days later she sat down to stitch with Little Frog.  Actually this is becoming a normal scene around here.  If Froggy is on a blanket on the floor, Ladybug can usually be found right next to him, stitching away while he "chats" to her.
 I've joined in with my own stitching on Sunflower's monkey that needed repair.
 When she's not sewing, Ladybug has been practicing with her jump rope.  And today she did it.  One perfect jump over the rope at a time.  Soon enough she'll be a jump rope master.

 Ah Sunflower.  This one keeps me on my toes.  Here she is in her "brides" dress breaking crayons coloring.
 We do have calm moments with her though too.  Reading Brer Rabbit:
 Playing her rock game during blanket rug time:
 My Little Frog has just been a joy to have around.  He is such an easy going baby.  He has been perfecting his smiles to the delight of us all.
 And that's what our family has been up to recently.
*That should satisfy the blogging guilt for a little while at least.  :)


Jennie C. said...

Oh, gosh, that baby is cute. Then again, he's in good company!

Cmerie said...

Thank you Jennie. We think he's very chewy. :)

Kate said...

Aw! They are all SO cute!!! Love the pictures!