Thursday, May 16, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - The Mish Mash Edition

This unrelated mish mash of pictures and ideas brought to you by postpartum foggy brain. 
These are flowers from good friends of our here to help welcome baby J.  (Still trying to come up with a blog name for him.)  Aren't they lovely?  And we have been told that we can plant the lilies outside and as long as I give them water they should thrive.  (insert ominous music here).

 Ladybug had her little end of the year dance recital on Monday.  Can I just say that little girls in pink and tap shoes are very pretty?

Fritter is incredibly happy to have a little brother.  I am incredibly happy to have my two book-end boys.  This is also a good place to add that we are all adjusting to newborn-dom very well.  Baby J is a great nurser (he keeps up with my oversupply, which is saying something) and a great sleeper.  These two things combined make for a less tired and more happy mama.  Plus I feel amazing compared to how I felt two weeks ago.
We got our cat shaved for the summer.  Every time she goes outside I imagine the other cats laughing at her.  But not having to clean up giant amounts of hair?  Totally worth it.

What would my blog be without me periodically showing you pictures of my laundry?  Not my blog, that's what!  One laundry basket, you ask?  Well, this is just the one I've committed to cycling through today.  I'm just trying to hang around the perimeter of Mt. Washmore, not scale it.
 It's May.  It's 9am.  It's almost 90 degrees outside in the shade.  This does not bode well for the summer.  If you need me, I'll be drinking endless amounts of iced tea and sitting in front of the air conditioning vent whispering sweet nothings until the end of October.
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Rebecca said...

Sounds like a plan to me! Tea and sweet nothings- my favorite things!

Congratulations on your sweetest little guy- he is charming! And so is big brother! And so is that darling little ballerina!

Visiting from P,H,F,R and so glad I did. Newborn envy is a good thing to feel every now and again. (And I feel ya on the laundry- but one NEVER can really get caught up on laundry, so there is much less pressure! RIGHT?!?!?!)

Kate said...

"Book-end boys"~Love it! And Mt. Washmore had me chuckling! So glad you are doing so well!:)


Ps. Ladybug is such a cutie!!

9peasMom said...

Iced tea is already being poured out by the gallon at this house too!
Love the recital photos, what a cutie!