Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayer Request For A Kind But Sad Stranger

Today I had a doctor's appointment and decided to take advantage of my babysitter's extra free time, so I also scheduled in a prenatal massage.  While standing in line to check-in the woman behind me noticed (as if it was possible not to) we are expecting.  She asked the usual questions, when are you due, is this your first (I love the reaction I almost always get when I say it's our fourth), ect.  And then asked me the unusual question, "Are you going to keep it?"  I didn't know how else to respond besides, "Um, of course."  She then told me she really wanted children, but she didn't have that perfect job yet, and she needed to buy a house first, and dreaded the idea of driving a minivan.  And then she said that she wasn't sure it was going to happen because she was already 30.  The woman behind her started telling her how she had her two children at 32 and 36 and that she had time.  So the two of them started talking to each other, and it was my turn to check-in and off I went to enjoy a wonderful hour massage.

Afterwards, while checking out and getting ready to pay, I was informed that the "Woman behind you who told you she wanted to have children," paid for half of my massage!  She didn't leave behind a name or anything.  I was dumbfounded.

Most importantly, I realized I had almost completely forgotten about her and that I had told myself I was going to pray for her.  I know nothing else about her except what I gleaned from our short conversation and that she seemed sad. 

So since I have no other way to thank her, would you all join me in saying a little prayer for the intentions of this woman? 


Jennie C. said...

That is a sweet, sweet story. Praying for her intentions...

Kate said...

Very sweet indeed.....but sad too! Said a prayer for her as well!