Friday, April 19, 2013

The (Big) Bump

As of today I am officially 37 weeks.  Seriously.  That means full term everyone.  As in, "Help!  This lumbering momma can't get off the couch!"  (Or in front of the computer, as the case may be).  Fritter is old enough to recognize that momma's belly hasn't always been this big.  He is not old enough to know that it is not polite to compare his momma's belly with a hippopotamus.  (Or at least he wasn't until two days ago).

I have lists.  LOONNNG lists.  And I have pen scratches all over these lists, where I have faithfully crossed off the items I've completed.  But somehow, I keep adding things to the lists, and it doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere. 

So what's done?  The cradle is all set up, the baby clothes are washed and sorted (There are also two bags set out.  One says "Wash Me If I Am A Boy!" and the other "Wash Me If I Am A Girl!"  That's my hubby's job after we have the baby.),  the cloth diapers are stripped and clean and ready (although I probably won't be using them right away, but it just had to be done, doyaknowwhatimean?), the swaddle blankets are clean and folded, the mending is all done, and I know I've done more but the list is way over there and remember the "Help!  This lumbering...." part?  Yeah.

We officially will be done with our first year of homeschooling in two weeks.  There will still be work to be done out of a math book and reading to be kept up with through the summer just to stay on track.  The year has gone well and I'm pleased with Fritter's (and my own) accomplishments.  Also, I have next year already planned and mostly scheduled and everything was ordered and came in a month or so ago.  There will probably still be some tweaking, but mostly, it's done.

Do you know what's not done?  Those things that just keep making my list seem like I've done nothing these past couple of weeks?  The deep cleaning, the organizing, the making, the cooking ahead(ing?).  Somehow every time I think of doing any of those things, I head towards the computer and get stuck, or on the couch...and get stuck  "Help!  This..."

I'm tired, I'm big, I'm tired and I just want a nap.  I'm done.  But I'm not done. You know?  With the birth of this baby I will have been pregnant for a month shy of a year.  Straight.  It's a blessing.  And I know that.  And I also embrace it.  But boy do I need a nap.

Anyone know any good cleaning ladies?

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Michelle said...

The loveliness of cleaning ladies...