Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Thought I'd Drop A Line say hi.  :)

We are still here, still hanging out, know.

This is our last week of school, so yay for that!

This morning, after Fritter's swimming lesson, we stopped by the nursery (um, the plant nursery) and picked up some flowers for our pots.  I'm amazed that the flowers we planted quite a while ago lasted as long as they did, but now with temps close to 100, they didn't have a chance.  So we filled our flower boxes with marigolds, vinca, and a few other pretty flowers.  Here's hoping I remember to water after the baby comes!  :)

Perhaps I'll get around to taking some pictures.  I still need to clean up my mess on the back porch, though.  A nap was calling my name (along with some elevating for my poor swollen tootsies) so cleanup got abandoned.  We'll head back outside later this afternoon.  Maybe I'll arm the two big kids with brooms to sweep up my mess.  I love that my kids like to help.  ;)

(How many more of these :) can we fit into this post?)  :)


Kate said...

Praying for you Cmerie!!! So glad you are able to take the time to put your feet up and get a nap!
God bless you my friend!


Michelle said...

glad you are smiling!