Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Thought I'd Drop A Line say hi.  :)

We are still here, still hanging out, know.

This is our last week of school, so yay for that!

This morning, after Fritter's swimming lesson, we stopped by the nursery (um, the plant nursery) and picked up some flowers for our pots.  I'm amazed that the flowers we planted quite a while ago lasted as long as they did, but now with temps close to 100, they didn't have a chance.  So we filled our flower boxes with marigolds, vinca, and a few other pretty flowers.  Here's hoping I remember to water after the baby comes!  :)

Perhaps I'll get around to taking some pictures.  I still need to clean up my mess on the back porch, though.  A nap was calling my name (along with some elevating for my poor swollen tootsies) so cleanup got abandoned.  We'll head back outside later this afternoon.  Maybe I'll arm the two big kids with brooms to sweep up my mess.  I love that my kids like to help.  ;)

(How many more of these :) can we fit into this post?)  :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

The (Big) Bump

As of today I am officially 37 weeks.  Seriously.  That means full term everyone.  As in, "Help!  This lumbering momma can't get off the couch!"  (Or in front of the computer, as the case may be).  Fritter is old enough to recognize that momma's belly hasn't always been this big.  He is not old enough to know that it is not polite to compare his momma's belly with a hippopotamus.  (Or at least he wasn't until two days ago).

I have lists.  LOONNNG lists.  And I have pen scratches all over these lists, where I have faithfully crossed off the items I've completed.  But somehow, I keep adding things to the lists, and it doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere. 

So what's done?  The cradle is all set up, the baby clothes are washed and sorted (There are also two bags set out.  One says "Wash Me If I Am A Boy!" and the other "Wash Me If I Am A Girl!"  That's my hubby's job after we have the baby.),  the cloth diapers are stripped and clean and ready (although I probably won't be using them right away, but it just had to be done, doyaknowwhatimean?), the swaddle blankets are clean and folded, the mending is all done, and I know I've done more but the list is way over there and remember the "Help!  This lumbering...." part?  Yeah.

We officially will be done with our first year of homeschooling in two weeks.  There will still be work to be done out of a math book and reading to be kept up with through the summer just to stay on track.  The year has gone well and I'm pleased with Fritter's (and my own) accomplishments.  Also, I have next year already planned and mostly scheduled and everything was ordered and came in a month or so ago.  There will probably still be some tweaking, but mostly, it's done.

Do you know what's not done?  Those things that just keep making my list seem like I've done nothing these past couple of weeks?  The deep cleaning, the organizing, the making, the cooking ahead(ing?).  Somehow every time I think of doing any of those things, I head towards the computer and get stuck, or on the couch...and get stuck  "Help!  This..."

I'm tired, I'm big, I'm tired and I just want a nap.  I'm done.  But I'm not done. You know?  With the birth of this baby I will have been pregnant for a month shy of a year.  Straight.  It's a blessing.  And I know that.  And I also embrace it.  But boy do I need a nap.

Anyone know any good cleaning ladies?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - The Kite Flying Edition

This past weekend we decided to fly the kites we received in our Easter baskets.  It was a nice, breezy, perfect kite flying day.
 My little Miss Sunflower is a pretty little thing in her tiny braids.

Kite flying is just a happy business.
 It's up!
A boy and his kite...
At first we had a little trouble getting the kite up and the littles almost lost interest.  But as soon as dad got it even a little bit up, they came running.

 He got it pretty high.

It was a very fun afternoon spent kite flying.  But the sun was intense and though it wasn't hot we were thirsty.  Sunflower became our resident water girl.  (Gotta love her windblown hair.)
Go visit Like Mother, Like Daughter for more contentment!
round button chicken

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Homemade Nursing Covers

Two friends of mine are/were (one was recently born and is he a cutie!) expecting along with myself.  I felt the need to make something for them, and while I didn't really have the time (or energy) to commit myself to quilts, I did manage to find something quick but still fun and pretty to make.
I have to admit, before I tell you what I did and how I did it, that I shamelessly stole this idea from a friend of mine.  She made me a nursing cover while I was expecting Sunflower and I completely copied her design.  (Thanks Jenn! :)
So to start with I needed some sort of shape holder to make the little peek-a-boo part around the neck.  I finally found little headbands at Joann's that seemed they would work because I could bend them myself into the shape I needed and the ends were covered so as to not poke the mommy (or baby!) while it was being worn.
Besides fabric (which I already had in my stash) and the sewing machine, all I needed were these two things:
 The first completed was this pretty purple one.  You can see the original my friend made me behind it:
 A bad picture, but you can at least see the adjuster loops:
 This is the other one I made, a pretty blue, in exactly the same way:
 And the adjuster loops.
It's always fun to have a little something handmade when there is a new little one coming into the world!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cradle Redo - After

You saw the before pictures in my last post.  Here is the after:
I called my mom in a panic yesterday after looking up painting cribs and cradles online.  Everywhere I read said to strip the paint, or sand it down.  And I didn't want to do that.  I wanted instant gratification.  Also, the baby is only in the cradle for about six months, until he or she can sit up, so there will not be any chewing on the paint.  All that extra work seemed like a waste to me.  BUT I didn't want the paint to bubble or chip off or something either.  So I begged my mom to tell me what I wanted to hear.  That yes, it would be just fine if I applied a couple of coats of primer first.  No, I didn't need to paint another layer of polyurethane on top of it all.  And yes, brown would probably be lovely.

So off to Joann's I went (because, you know I also had to get supplies for another project I'm going to be working on).  I ended up using about two and a half cans of primer, and all of three cans of brown spray paint.  I would have done well to use another can of paint (there are a couple of small spots I seemed to have missed and only noticed when I set it up this morning, but the bedding will cover it all up, and also, you know, six months), but I bought them all out of brown.  Apparently it's not all that hip to paint things brown nowadays?

Oh, and it was super windy yesterday while I was painting, and our backyard is still dirt.  Though I did use plastic under the cradle (obviously) there may or may not be a little bit of dust painted on as well.  Again, not noticeable and not a big deal.  (So anyone want to hire me as a professional furniture painter now?)  ;)

Anyway, I love how it turned out, and I can't wait to put the bedding in.  What do you think?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cradle Redo

Stay tuned for after photos.  And possibly some other projects I have up my sleeves.  Now that Dan is home, nesting has commenced.  (Until I need a nap that is...)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

My dear, very much missed, husband arrived home on Friday.  Unfortunately, Fritter came down with a stomach bug that morning.  So most of Friday morning, which was to be spent in finishing up cleaning and laundry, along with attending a children's Stations of the Cross, found me instead washing sheets and comforting my poor sick lad.  But we joyfully piled into the van to pick up daddy that evening, and though Fritter was feeling pretty horrible, he was still very excited to have his dad home.
Saturday was Little Miss Sunflower's birthday. (Two?  How can my baby be two already?!) We spent most of the day lounging on the couch, allowing my husband to recover from serious jet lag and trying to comfort poor Fritter as we could.  Still, after dinner that evening, Sunflower got her straw-ba-ba-ba-ba-berry cake.  The older kids told me she would really appreciate a butterfly cake, and so I did what I could to fashion a butterfly out of strawberries.  Dan told me it looked more like a sea star.  Butterfly, sea star, she's two and didn't care much.
 Of course, I got the honor of helping the birthday girl blow out her candles.

 And then Sunday.  Lovely Easter.  No matter the circumstances, Easter always seems to bring with it a sense of hope.

The kids woke up to find their Easter baskets, and right away (not letting that old nasty stomach bug stop him) Fritter found the jelly beans.  "Look mom!  My sacrifices turned into jelly beans!"  What a sweet return.
 Usually we have taken our children's yearly pictures after Easter Mass, but this is one of those years where our family traditions have just had to be...altered.  At least for the time being.  With Fritter sick, and a two year old who destroyed her hair before Mass was over, and a husband still recovering from jet lag, we decided to not attempt it.  I did manage to snatch a few shots anyway.

Fritter, soldiering on:

My girly Ladybug:
 Little Miss Sunflower:
 We did manage to still have an Easter egg hunt.  Which, though simple, was what the kids told us was their favorite part of the day.

My dear husband left for another business trip early this morning and is slated to arrive home on Wednesday.  And then we are saying NO to all other travel for him, at least for a few months.  We have a baby to prepare for and he needs some time to recover.

I am so glad Easter lasts for 50 days.  He is risen!