Thursday, March 28, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Holy Thursday

round button chicken
{pretty and happy}
 A sweet friend of mine brought us a french toast casserole on Wednesday so we could enjoy a yummy breakfast this morning.  She made this beautiful dish and generously thought of us, though she is going to have a baby any day now.  Not only was it pretty, but it was delicious which made our morning a very happy one indeed.  Thank you Becky!

On Monday another friend and her children came over to keep us company.  Fritter and her son get along famously, and while playing the two of them decided to get out the pipe cleaners and make a craft.  And then it turned into making a butterfly life cycle.  There was no prompting on the part of myself or my friend, I promise!

So this is part of the "habitat" and if you look towards the bottom of the picture you can see the little white "egg".
 And then the egg hatches and out crawls a very hungry caterpillar.

 When the caterpillar has had enough to eat, he attaches to a tree branch and goes into his chrysalis.

 When he emerges, he is a beautiful butterfly!  (One of the coffee filter butterflies is at the bottom of the picture.  I do have a better photo, but I don't really like to post other people's children on my blog.)

Look at these homeschooled children!  :)

Though we did not get to have our annual Seder Supper, because my dear husband is still gone (say a prayer for him would you?  He begins his very long travel home late tonight, and will finally arrive tomorrow evening.) we did still wash each others feet.
I do not have a picture of Fritter's feet being washed, since I was doing the washing, but that's how we started.  I then told him to do as I had done for Ladybug.

 And the Ladybug washed Sunflower's feet.
 And then Sunflower washed my feet.  This particular (almost) two year old is not the most reverent child, but she concentrated so hard while washing and drying my feet that it was hard to tell her we were all done.

I read about Jesus washing the disciples feet from our family bible to start, and then afterwards we talked about how Jesus wants us to serve each other and those around us.

Tomorrow we are attending a children's Station's of the Cross, and then we will wait on pins and needles until the time when we get to go pick Dan up from the airport.  We will have him for two short, but very full days, where we will celebrate Sunflower's birthday on Saturday and then Easter.  And that is as far as I am letting myself think.  We will deal with my husband leaving again next week when it comes.  Until then, I hope you all have a very peaceful and prayerful holy week and a blessed Easter!

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Becky said...

Glad you enjoyed the French toast. It's one of our favorites, and you guys deserved it. So glad Dan is back with you guys... at least for a couple days. :) Love ya.