Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with March this year.  On the one hand, the evenings are blessedly cool and whatever breeze we have carries with it the scent of orange blossoms.  Orange blossoms, March, Arizona.  Heavenly.  On the other hand, we've had hot weather already (in the 90s!) and this pregnant mama has already turned on the air conditioning.

On one hand, Miss Sunflower turns two on the 30th.  Two is an exciting age, me thinks.  However, an example will better serve to explain that negative other hand.  Today while snuggling my little snuggle bunny, I told her she was going to soon be two years old.  To which she replied with a resounding, "No!"

The biggest downer this month though, is that my dear husband left for a two week business trip.  And he's really, really far away.  So far, in fact, that we cannot even use our cell phones to communicate and the time change is so big that it's complicated even trying to figure out when to talk to each other.  I received my first real phone call from him this morning around 2am, just as he was getting off of work.  So yeah.  Downer.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my husband is gone.  You can bet my emotions are all over the place.

BUT... (that other hand still has something to say)...

Dan will be home on Good Friday, and though this will be the first year we've ever not done a family Seder supper on Holy Thursday, he will be home in time for said two year old's birthday and then it's Easter.  Blessed Easter.

And then he leaves again for another three days.

But then he'll be home.  And it will be April.  Maybe there'll be showers.  I could use some cool weather right about now.

And then we can really prepare for our newest baby to come.

Did I mention I gave up complaining for Lent?  *snicker*


Jennie C. said...

No April showers! Our farm is swamped. I will, however, take some of that warm weather you've got... 28° this morning and 22° forecast tomorrow. I'm not thinking that this is spring. :-)

Cmerie said...

I'd be glad to trade weather for a few days. Enough to dry you guys out and cool us off. :)

Jennie C. said...