Thursday, January 31, 2013

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round button chicken

See the little birdy?  If you look closely, you can tell it is a perched hummingbird.  I have never seen one sit so still before.
We went to the Riparian Preserve a few weekends ago on a Sunday with some friends of ours.  It was a weekend that turned out good, despite our own plans being uprooted.  We had originally planned to head north that Saturday to enjoy snow and cold weather, but wouldn't you know it, the snow had melted so of course we didn't bother going.  That Sunday we thought we'd try the zoo, but there was a race blocking all paths in, and fed up, we headed home.  But that afternoon, we had the bright idea of calling our good friends for an impromtu trip to the Preserve.  It's close!  It's free!  It was perfect.

While there we found a great little secluded spot that had the best climbing tree.  Even my dear husband took part in the tree climbing extravaganza.  Me?  I'm expecting in a few months.  I took the pictures.  :)


 This big guy was blocking our path at one point, we thought maybe to block us from coming near his ladies.  But instead of a great big HONK to scare us away, he had a really cute little honk that just made us chuckle and come closer.  Although, our goose-speak might be a little off, and he could have just been asking for some crumbs. 

 This is the time of year in Arizona where those with fruit trees are overloaded and gladly share their crops.  We were given lemons from two different friends, plus a sack of the sweetest grapefruits ever.

Because it is not yet summer, and because I am trying to cut back on the caffeine, the lemons were all squeezed and used for their juice instead of saving some and using in drinks as I usually do.

The picture looks decieving but that is a very large jar of lemon juice.  Some will be used for lemon bars (which my husband has been begging me asking me very sweetly to make) and the rest will be frozen into cubes for later use.  I don't like to make lemonade from the juice, because it uses so much of it, and though the lemonade is good, I don't feel it is a great use of the juice.
Also, blueberries were on sale so I bought a bunch.  Some for eating...
 ...some for freezing...

 ...and some for cooking.

 The same day I juiced the lemons, I made a double batch of blueberry muffins.  One batch for freezing, the other for breakfast the next day.

And one (or maybe two) as a mid-afternoon snack.  Yummy!
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Leila said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to live somewhere where people gave away their lemons!! Awesome.
Thanks for joining!

Cmerie said...

It is one of the bonuses of living down here. Until summer that is... :)