Thursday, December 13, 2012

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round button chicken

Let me just start this post off by saying this has been a very busy month (who am I kidding? More like a very busy six months) for us, as I'm sure it has been for many of you as well.  So this is sort of a catch up post, a there-I-jotted-it-down-post if you will.
Last weekend was like every other weekend this month in that it was crazy busy.  We had children getting over sickness, birthday parties, two Masses, I could go on and on.  But one of the prettiest events we went to this past weekend had to be the hot air balloon festival.  Of course the food was overpriced and we were ill prepared, but the entry fee was reasonable and totally worth it.
Seeing this many hot air balloons up close was really something!  And Fritter and my dear husband took a short ride up in a tethered balloon.

 We stayed until after dark when all the balloons were inflated and lit up the night sky.  We were so close to them we could feel the heat from their flames.  Amazing.

Also, my dear sweet husband brought me home this aloe plant for my birthday present (which is today!).  I asked for one, because I thought it would be a useful thing to have around, and knowing my tendency to NOT water plants, this guy might actually thrive.  I think he's pretty in his deserty sort of way.  I painted the pot the first summer we lived here.  It was sort of my way of embracing the Arizona heat.

 My mom came for a visit two weekends ago, and while here, I complained about how I have nothing pretty to look at in my back yard.  So with her help, we went out and bought some flowers to fill up my planters.  It's sort of surreal planting flowers during Advent, but it was fun and they've really prettied up the yard as well.  She made Fritter promise to remind me to water them.  :)


We had a really nice visit with my mom while she was here.  The kids love being spoiled by Grandma.

What is a little Christmas preparation without making cookies? 

I mentioned today is my birthday, and it is also the feast of St. Lucy.  I don't mind sharing festivities with her as she is my patron saint.  So for breakfast we all enjoyed some St. Lucy bread (I can't remember where I found the recipe or I'd link to it) and it was SO yummy.  Full bellies make for a happy family.

I love this time of year.  It makes me smile every time I get a Christmas card in the mail.  Ours will make it out sometime before Christmas (I hope).


My girls are both very funny girls.  There is always some amount of hilarity going on in this house.


Our Christmas preparations are in full swing.  There are boxes and bags and little pieces of string here and there.  It all just adds to the excitement, right?
I mentioned Fritter being told to remind me to water my plants.  This is why.  This is my dead clover plant I've had since I was 18.  He and I, we've struggled together, we've moved together, we've grown together (actually I like to think I've mentally grown, this guy hasn't grown at all, he's shrunk).  I didn't think it was possible to kill a clover, but know I now it is.  There is one little bulb left in the pot and I'm trying to remember to keep him moist in the hopes that he will come back.  If you see this picture in another real post though, just tell me to give up.


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Cmerie! Hope your day is wonderful!


Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday...and I hope your mom is better.