Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Started The Day In A Skirt

...a very pretty skirt with cozy leggings on underneath.  And I wore a black tank with a pretty green sweater over top.  I even fixed my hair.

I was supposed to go to an appointment, and had a babysitter all lined up for the afternoon.  I was looking forward to checking out that eggshell stuff you put on top of a mattress that is not all that soft.  We had school to get to, laundry to catch up on (I feel like I'm ALWAYS catching up on laundry these days), and just a few cleaning tasks to be checked off.  It was going to be a busy day, but I was looking forward to it.  My energy is coming back and I no longer feel like I'm going to throw up constantly.  (Yay for second trimester!)

However, today did not turn out as I expected.  Fritter is recovering from a nasty cold that had us up all Monday night with a colicky bark.  He's doing ok, which is why I was not too concerned about leaving today.  But when I went to pick up Sunflower from the playpen this morning so she could take her nap, my day suddenly turned upside down.  Her breakfast ended up all over the floor (and my skirt and leggings).  We do not have a stitch of carpet in the house, except in the master bedroom, but of course this managed to find it's way all over the area rug.

I suppose it was due for a wash.

Thinking I could still manage to stay on top of things, I cleaned the baby up and made sure she was ok and laid her down.  I cleaned myself up and put on jeans.  I cleaned what I could of the floor up and started yet another load of laundry.  I pulled the rug up and hung it outside where I could spray it down with a hose.

Still feeling like I could somehow do what I wanted to today, I canceled my appointment, canceled the babysitter, and sat down to tackle school with Fritter.  Boy was that painful.  You see, they put him on an oral steroid for his cough.  It works great.  It also makes it harder for him to sit still and focus.  What should have been an hour (or less) of work turned into two and a half.  And we never actually finished everything I wanted to.

Lunch came, I served my two older children PB&J and applesauce, I gave the baby a cracker and some water, and then sent everyone to bed for naps.  Including myself.

The baby woke from her nap earlier than usual with yet another mess.  She got a bath.  I took off my pretty sweater and tied my hair back.

The house is a mess, the school books still are not put away, I have no idea what's for dinner, and there is a giant pile of laundry begging to be folded.  I keep thinking I can somehow salvage the day.  That is only possible if I let go. 

Fritter and Ladybug are playing nicely in the sandbox, and I'm going to beg my husband to move his prayer meeting from our house tonight.  We are ALL going to bed early.

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Kate said...

Poor dear! Stomach bugs are always absolutely awful! Many hugs and prayers sent your way!