Thursday, September 27, 2012

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round button chicken

All I have is something pretty for today.  Someone from our homeschool group was giving away this buffet and hutch for FREE.  The only catch was we had to take the matching table that doesn't have any legs.!  There used to be a little credenza here that we moved to our front room.  And there were two shelves that also had to be taken down that I still have to find a place for.  All in due time though.  This really pretties up our dining room, and has helped declutter the linen closet.  Now I have a real place for tablecloths and napkins and placemats, oh, my!


Kate said...



Suzette said...

Love this piece! Not gonna lie...I think I would end up filling the top shelves with "don't touch that!" items.

Lisa said...

Oh, what a thrill to have that hutch!