Thursday, August 16, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} The Anniversary Edition

round button chicken

Our dear friends took our children last Saturday so Dan and I could go on a day long trip just the two of us.  It was really a heroic effort on their part, as they also have three children, the oldest of which is four.  Six children, five and under for the whole day.  They are earning their way to sainthood.

Anyway, so Dan and I really enjoyed ourselves.  This was our first trip like this alone, since our honeymoon!  We had breakfast alone, skipped lunch just because we were too full from breakfast and we could, and had dinner...alone.  After a very heavy breakfast, we visited a few shops and around lunch time, decided we needed to take in some exercise in the form of a hike.


I think this may be the happiest anniversary yet.  They just keep getting better!


For dinner we went to a steak house where the servers are also the performers.  I think they are singing Under The Sea right here.  It's so funny to have your server drop off your food and walk away singing.  When we first got there, they were all singing Tradition!  So fun...ny.


This is a Catholic chapel in the town we were hiking in.  Some, I'm sure, think it's a little bit of an eyesore, and maybe it is.  And really, the gift shop contains some things that should not be in a Catholic gift shop.  We wanted to visit it while we were here, anyway, so we did.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is a tabernacle with the Real Presence inside.  Is it orthodox?  Probably not, but people of many different faiths and backgrounds come to visit this chapel.  Which means it is actually a pretty great opportunity to get them close to Jesus.  Ideal? No.  But Jesus is really there, regardless.  And, in some ways, it is kind of pretty.

 It was a great day, just what the two of us needed.  And it seems our children had a pretty fun time as well.  I definitely missed them all, and on the drive home, couldn't wait to snuggle them all close.  They are the fruit of our love.


Leila said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember the pleasure, the first time we went off solo, of eating when we felt like it!! The best part :)

Cmerie said...

Aw thanks. And really it was nice to have the freedom to only eat when WE were hungry. But, I missed my kids too. Besides the obvious, they keep us eating on a normal schedule. :)