Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Day Of School

This was actually yesterday's event, but our anniversary post trumped it.  :)  We did officially start school yesterday, and I can't tell you how excited we were.  It feels like I've just been pretending to homeschool (we've done preschool since Fritter was 18 months old.  Every time I see the pictures now, I shake my head at my old self.) but now we are doing it for real.

Welcome to Kindergarten (or Olive Garden) Fritter!

Hard at work.

Ladybug has her own work, which includes whatever I can find to keep her little hands busy.  Yesterday it was lacing beads.  Today, she had her very own phonics workbooks.

As promised, we started a tradition of having breadsticks on the first day of school.  I made them using Jennie's pizza crust recipe, only I used 1 T. yeast instead of 2 t.  They were SO good.

And to top off a very exciting day yesterday, we fed the kids a nourishing meal of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese and plopped them in front of a movie.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed steaks, quiet music and a chance to chat over dinner.  I'd like to say we didn't have to get up for anything, but that would be asking for too much.  ;)


Kate said...

Sounds just lovely, Cmerie! We start school next week, and the kids are really getting excited. Picked up the last of the school supplies today, and all that's left is to set up all their books on the shelf and tidy up the school area a bit.......something I meant to do when school let out this spring!Oh well!;)

God bless!

Cmerie said...

It's fun to actually be joining in on the starting school frenzy this time. :)